White night wedding

Jon, a middle-aged professor is going to get married tomorrow, for the second time, to one of his ex-students half his age. But it’s not all roses. First, there’s his cranky mother-in-law-to-be who violently opposes the marriage and who demands repayment of Jon’s loan before the wedding night. Second, his plans to build a golf course on the little island of Flatey where they live aren’t going at all to plan. Third, his extremely drunk best man is on the loose without any shoes and lastly, the continual presence of his emotional first wife is haunting his every move.

When the guests start flocking to the island, Jon starts getting cold feet. After a very long night of drinking and thinking, will Jon be able to make it to the church on time?

Director: Baltasar Kormakur.
Screenplay: Baltasar Kormakur and Olafur Egill Egilsson.
Inspired by Anton Checkhov’s Ivanov.
Producers: Agnes Johansen and Baltasar Kormakur.
Executive Producer: Lilja Palmadottir.
Associate Producer: Kim Magnusson of Nordisk Film.
Main Cast: Hilmir Snaer Gudnason, Margret Vilhjalmsdottir, Laufey Eliasdottir,
Throstur Leo Gunnarsson, Johann Sigurdarson, Olafia Hronn Jonsdottir, Olafur
Darri Olafsson, Ilmur Kristjansdottir, and Olafur Egill Egilsson.
Released: Iceland, January 18th, 2008.